Story time.
OpenGL 4.6 is required unless required functionality is provided otherwise.

 NVIDIAGeForce 400 Series
 AMD (Windows)Radeon 400/500 Series
 AMD (Wine)Open source driver probably working fine.
 Intel iGPU (Windows)Does not work with current driver, but i'll start shortly on filing bug reports.
 Intel iGPU (Wine)i3/5/7-3000 Series
 Intel Arc (Windows)Unknown, probably not fine.
 Intel Arc (Wine)Unknown, probably fine.

Note that these requirements are solely based on the driver software, not the underlying hardware.
Here are the good. Please do not link directly to these files but rather link this page instead.

 DeusEx 1112f[][]

Builds for other games coming eventually.
Place OpenGLDrv.dll and inside the <Game>\System folder.
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