Initially started as some hack project to play my beloved UnrealEngine 1 titles (Unreal, Rune, DeusEx, Nerf, Botpack to mention a few) at the dawn of speed stepping hardware which broke the RDTSC based timer used throughout these games it's focus has changed to having a Launcher and UCC suitable for mod development.

In the advent of Deus Ex: Revision release and my own need for a Launcher for HX I decided to rewrite the Launcher. Now features affecting the end user include the resolution and audio subsystem selection dialogues, fixes for game running at a non constant speed and disabling DEP. But the main focus is for mod authors to have a clean launcher without any dll hacks or other features which can cause problems in unrelated parts, and the ability to use an own *.ini file set and thus not having to deal with the game using the old User/Default/DefUser *.ini file set. Support for an additional LogoSmall.bmp, customizability of the startup dialogue strings, LCC as an UCC replacement, which features the ability to have an ini file where you specify which ini set is to be used, ability to automatic prefix Commandlets, measured compile time, etc.
Place Launch.exe,, LCC.exe and LCC.ini inside the <Game>\System folder and start the Game by executing Launch.exe. If you want it to use it for a mod, rename Launch.exe/int to SampleMod.exe/int, LCC.exe/ini to SCC.exe/ini, copy Default/DefUser.ini to SampleModDefault/SampleModDefUser.ini and set inside SCC.ini Game=SampleMod.
Launcher Binaries
Here are my precompiled launchers. If you don't know what you need, you are probably right in this section. :)
Please do not link directly to these files. You might want to use [this] instead.

 DeusEx 1112f[]
 Nerf 1.2[]

Launchers for other games coming back eventually.

In case you intend to rename Launch.exe to DeusEx.exe you need copy over the additional strings from to For conveniance a modified file can be downloaded [here].
If you like to support me, you can do that over at:[][]
Official Headers/Libs
These are the official released Headers / Libs. Tell me if you knew about more. I mirrored them here, since they are sometimes hard to find these days, or you will have to register. UnrealGoldPubSrc lacks Engine/Inc/ULevelSummary.h. For conveniance I mirrored it [here]. The DeusEx Headers / Libs are taken out of DeusExSDK1112fm.

 Unreal 224v[]
 Unreal 226b[]
 BotPack 432[]
 Rune 1.00[]
 Rune 1.07[]
 DeusEx 1112f[][]
My Unofficial Headers/Libs
These are Headers I modified and Libs I created with the method mentioned beneath for other games, or other versions of the game. This Nerf stuff is based on all those other public available headers.

 Nerf 1.2[][]
 KHG 1.1[]
 Harry Potter 1.1[][]
 X-Com: Enforcer 1.0[]
Creating Libs
Once you got the Headers, you will also need to have the Libs to be able to compile. Creating the *.lib files out of the Package.dll file in the System directory is a straight forward process. You will need dumpbin and lib, which are included in Microsoft Visual C++. Since you need it anyway to compile, this won't be an issue. They can be found in Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Bin. I'll use some Unix shell utilities for converting the export table. You might want to check out [UnxUtils]. The export table is also a quite handy reference when you set up headers.

First you will need to use dumpbin to get the export table:
 # dumpbin Sample.dll /EXPORTS /OUT:Sample.exports
Now transfer the export table into a *.def file.
 # echo "LIBRARY Sample" > Sample.def
 # echo "EXPORTS" >> Sample.def
 # grep -aE "[0-9]+\ +[0-9A-F]+\ [0-9A-F]+" Sample.exports > Sample.symbols
 # sed 's/ \+[0-9]\+ \+[0-9A-F]\+ \+[0-9A-F]\+//' Sample.symbols >> Sample.def
 # rm Sample.exports Sample.symbols
With the *.def file you can use lib to crate the corresponding *.lib file to link with.
 # lib /MACHINE:IX86 /DEF:Sample.def /OUT:Sample.lib

You can also put this in a script like [this]. And invoke it with:
 # Sample
You might even like to add an entry to the Explorer, so that you can right click -> Create *.lib file.
UnrealEngine Extension Project
The main focus of the UnrealEngine Extension project is to define Interfaces and a way to supply, check for their availability and access them without introducing any depencendy on another package, and thus keeping the components seperate and allow multiple developers to supply one exchangeable interface or at least allow the resuage of single components in another project.

Deus Ex Stuff
Fx to make UnrealEd resonable stable to use in Deus Ex. EditorPatch is an updated version, but it will eventually get merged into Launch Bag. If in doubt, I recommend you pick Editor Patch. Start with the supplied batch file or add modified ini entries to your DeusEx.ini.

 Editor Patch[]
 Editor Fix[]
Nerf Arena Blast Stuff
Updated OpenGLDrv based on ut436-opengldrv-src-090602. NerfI.u which fixes Crosshair disappearing and ducked moving at startup. Nerf port of ALAudio is found on

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Stuff
Extracted UnrealScript source and precompiled binaries out of unofficial pub src.

 ScriptSource 1.0[]
 ScriptSource 1.1[]
 Binaries 1.1[]
X-Com: Enforcer Stuff
Pecompiled binaries out of unofficial pub src.

 Binaries 1.0[]
Dr Brain: Action Reaction Notes
For basic editing supporting you can copy over UCC and UnrealEd out of Unreal 224. You can also use RenderDevices and AudioSubsystems build for Unreal 224 with this game.
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